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why armanet

Why Armanet?

The firearms industry is handicapped by big tech online advertising policies. At Armanet, we decided to build a solution.

The fact is, online advertising works. It works because you can use highly sophisticated targeting techniques to find the right audiences where they’re consuming content. Brands know it works and that’s why it represents over 70% of total advertising investment across industries (and will grow to 78% by 2025).

Unfortunately, major advertising platforms have labeled firearms as “dangerous products” and prohibited them from the largest advertising platforms. 

Advertisers and publishers in the firearms space lose out on $'s they could be earning because of a lack of sophisticated ad-tech infrastructure. 


of Advertisers in the space reported dissatisfaction with current online ad-spend ROI


of Publishers in the space report unsold inventory and less than optimal revenue from online ads

The numbers don't add up

When advertisers complain about reach and publishers complain about unsold inventory, the problem is in the infrastructural tech, not the economics

The Solution

We’ve built a platform to help firearm brands and retailers drive new revenue and grow ROI through robust, audience based buys with sophisticated reporting and attribution, while helping publishers maximize eCPM by moving unsold ad inventory to vetted, endemic firearms related advertisers

Increase your ad-spend ROI


  • Retargeting:  Target users (across the network) based on their actions on your site.  Example: “Add to Cart”, viewed certain content blocks, etc. 
  • Contextual Targeting:  Target users (across the network), with ads relating to the content they are currently viewing.
  • 3rd Party Targeting :  Audience groups based on similar behavior, how "in-market" they are, and propensity to buy
  • White/Blacklist: Option for advertisers to either select sites they’re willing to show on or, inversely, select sites they don’t want to show on.
  • Full Funnel Reporting:  Full transparency into impressions, clicks, and conversions attributed to ad exposure for e-commerce, lead capture, email capture, etc
  • Offline Reporting:  Match ad exposure to geographic “conversion” (user saw your ad and visited your gunshop / range within a few days)

Maximize ad-sale revenue


  • Maximize eCPM with endemic ad-buyers:  Move unsold ad inventory with a curated set of endemic advertisers - Firearms, accessories, outdoors, 2A advocacy, etc.
  •  Automated ad-sales:  Managed service or self serve platform to manage placements and permissions
  • Ads in any format:  Supports display, native, contextual, and (soon) video
  • Decreased liability:   Anti-Adblock and Anti Fraud Protection
  • Mobile friendly:  Flexible advertising solution works semmlessly in a mobile environment
  • Header bidding: Drive more revenue through header bidding integration
  • Get more visibility: Reporting insights/relevant metrics to better evaluate and optimize ad revenue