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Armanet for advertisers


Get a sophisticated buying platform open to 1st and 3rd party targeting levers with a robust reporting suite

  • Retarget site visitors, cart abandoners, page visits, etc
  • Contextually target to put the right product in front of in market users
  • Affinity / In-Market targeting options
  • White/Blacklist options to ensure brand safety
  • Full funnel reporting - Impressions, clicks, conversions
  • Offline conversions (store visits) tied to ad exposure

35M+ Impressions on Endemic Publishers

  • Pew Pew Tactical
    Pew Pew Tactical
  • The Truth About Guns
    The Truth About Guns
  • fw2
    Forgotten Weapons
  • Hunting Life
    Hunting Life
  • Guns Classifieds Network
    Guns Classifieds Network
  • Many More
    Many More


Full suite of sophisticated targeting levers like retargeting, geotargeting, custom audiences, in-marketness and more


Detailed, real time reporting on all key metrics like impressions, viewability, clicks, conversions, spend, frequency, and more


Make adjustments inflight, real time to optimize your reach and frequency, cost per click, and other business driving metrics


Leverage broad publisher network full of firearms enthusiasts along with custom affinity audiences to expand your customer reach

The best solution for all kinds of advertisers in the 2A space

2a brands

2A Brands

Feature your product ads to customers that are in-market for that specific product, and have an affinity with your brand

Track events + actions: get insight into your customers behavior after the click, like on-site engagement and even offline conversion - like knowing whether a person who saw your ad later visited one of the 80,000 FFL's we keep an eye on nationwide

platform for online retailers

Online retailers

Retarget users who have abandoned cart.  Contextually target users researching a product you offer.  Track ROI of your media spend to ecommerce revenue.  Do all the cool things other industries are enabled with every day

paltform for gun shops and gun ranges

Gun shops + ranges

Geotarget your media spend so you can show up on the biggest publishers but only for users in your local area. 

Track whether your ads drove people to your shop or range in platform without relying on them saying “yes I saw your billboard or heard your radio ad”


of Advertisers in the space reported dissatisfaction with current online ad-spend ROI


of Publishers in the space report unsold inventory and less than optimal revenue from online ads

The numbers don't add up

When advertisers complain about reach and publishers complain about unsold inventory, the problem is in the infrastructural tech, not the economics

Features for Advertisers

Audience Focused Targeting Enhances Your Media Efficiency

Behaviour (Events)
Site (domain) / In-App (bundle)
Look-a-like segment
OS / OS version
Device / Device Model
Screen size
Frequency capping
Day & Time
3rd-party data
Onboarding CRM Data
100+ pre-built audience segments


A combination of proprietary technology and fraud detection partners safe, high quality inventory

Anti-Fraud - Forensiq, Protected Media

Creative Verification - GeoEdge and theMediaTrust

Black & White lists - For exclusion and whitelisting publishers

Support ads.txt - Follow and spread ads.txt project

IAB Compliant - Accept and follow IAB recommendations


brand safety

Detailed automatic and manual reports are available in Client Dashboard

Domain / Bundle
Distribution Frequency
Day and Hour
Custom Reports