Drive measurable demand with your target audience

Target users who are likely to engage with your brand across all the biggest publishers in the 2A space. Retargeting, affinity groups, In-Market targeting, and full funnel reporting all in platform, in real time.

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Why Armanet


Full suite of sophisticated targeting levers like retargeting, geotargeting, custom audiences, in-marketness and more.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed, real time reporting on all key metrics like impressions, viewability, clicks, conversions, spend, frequency, and more.


Make adjustments inflight, real time to optimize your reach and frequency, cost per click, and other business driving metrics.


Leverage broad publisher network full of firearms enthusiasts along with custom affinity audiences to expand your customer reach.


2A Brands

  • Feature your product ads to customers that are in-market for that specific product, and have an affinity with your brand
  • Track events + actions: get insight into your customers behavior after the click, like on-site engagement and even offline conversion

Online retailers

  • Retarget users who have abandoned cart. Contextually target users researching a product you offer.
  • Track ROI of your media spend to ecommerce revenue. Do all the cool things other industries are enabled with every day.

Gun shops & ranges

  • Geotarget your media spend so you can show up on the biggest publishers but only for users in your local area.
  • Track whether your ads drove people to your shop or range in platform without relying on them saying “yes I saw your billboard or heard your radio ad”

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