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Get a automated space to move unsold ad inventory at scale to brand-safe, endemic advertisers in the 2A space

  • Sell leftover inventory after your sales team pushes direct
  • Drive higher eCPM through header bidding integration
  • Anti-Adblock and Anti Fraud Protection
  • Flexible advertising solution works seamlessly in a mobile or desktop
  • Reporting insights/relevant metrics to better evaluate and optimize revenue
  • White/Blacklist options to ensure brand safety

Improve eCPM

Access new, endemic advertisers through programmatic, integrating with your current ad solution to move unsold inventory

Detailed Reporting

Real time access to your opportunities, impressions, viewability, clicks, eCPM, and revenue to optimize monetization

Anti-Fraud Protection

1st and 3rd party anti fraud and anti adblocker protections to ensure value exchange between advertisers and publishers

Cross Device+Format

Dynamically serve ads across mobile, desktop, and tablet with display, native, and video ad inventory


of Advertisers in the space reported dissatisfaction with current online ad-spend ROI


of Publishers in the space report unsold inventory and less than optimal revenue from online ads

The numbers don't add up

When advertisers complain about reach and publishers complain about unsold inventory, the problem is in the infrastructural tech, not the economics

Features for Publishers

Monetize inventory with the highest paying ad formats across all screens

Monetize every type of media with Armanet; Desktop, Mobile Web, In-app, and more

Use and mix various ad formats: Display, Native, Video, Audio, Rich Media, and more

Show engaging and high-quality ads and sustain user loyalty


Multiple Formats

A combination of proprietary technology and fraud detection partners safe, high quality inventory

Get bids from multiple demand partners within a single account

Access to multiple header bidders, and direct advertisers

Sell risk-free. All ad creatives are scanned by the leading ad verification tools

Monitor and optimize your revenue in real-time


Advanced Monetization

Higher competition for each impression, fully managed solution to connect multiple advertisers and optimize eCPM

header bidding