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The largest 2A endemic audience. Anywhere.

Armanet is an ad platform designed for 2A brands to run targeted ad-campaigns with modern targeting features. Reach your ideal customers by advertising across the largest network of websites endemic to firearms, hunting, shooting, the outdoors and adjacent content.

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What you can do with Armanet

Well, lots of things. Some of them are listed below

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Increase marketing ad spend ROI

Create programmatic ad campaigns with ease to show targeted ads to high-propensity-to-buy consumers.

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Realtime insights and reporting

From complex analysis to stunning visualizations, our advanced AI technology can help you extract valuable insights and make data-driven decisions faster than ever before.

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Attribute + Context based targeting

Pay only for the ads shown to customers that fit within your pre-defined campaign parameters.

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What customers say

The big social platforms change in policy impacted us pretty badly from a marketing POV. There’s not a lot of other scalable options that make sense. Coordinating direct buys at scale is inefficient and existing “networks” leave a lot to be desired.

Marketing Manager
Vortex Optics

Since Google and Facebook have blocked us from advertising, we've had to rely on old school advertising like billboards and radio. Local programmatic, optimized for store visits on Armanet has been a huge level step for our marketing performance.

Marketing Lead
NJ Gunshop and Range

By far our best ad solution, and we really appreciate what they're doing for the industry.

Chief Marketing Officer
Ammo Squared

We've had success with influencers and affiliates but those can only scale so much. Armanet gives us a LOT more efficient reach to bring in new customers.

Ecommerce Manager
Online Firearms Retailer

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A programmatic ad platform is an automated technology that facilitates the buying and selling of digital advertising space in real-time auctions. It uses algorithms to match advertisers with relevant inventory, optimizing the ad placement process and maximizing campaign effectiveness.

Unlike traditional advertising, which involves manual negotiations and purchasing of ad space, programmatic advertising uses automated systems to target audiences based on various parameters, ensuring more precise and data-driven ad placements.

  • Efficiency: Streamlines the ad buying process, saving time and resources.
  • Targeting: Allows for granular audience targeting using data insights.
  • Real-time Optimization: Adapts to changing market conditions and user behavior instantly.
  • Scale: Facilitates the buying of ad inventory across a vast network of publishers.

Programmatic platforms use a variety of data points, such as demographics, browsing behavior, and location, to target specific audiences. Advertisers can set parameters to reach their desired audience, ensuring that ads are shown to the right people at the right time.

Bidding in programmatic auctions occurs in real-time. Advertisers set a maximum bid for their desired ad placement, and the auction system automatically determines the winning bid based on factors like relevance and bid amount.

Yes, programmatic advertising is accessible to businesses of all sizes. Many platforms offer self-service options, allowing small businesses to create and manage their campaigns with flexibility and control over their budget.