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A dedicated 2A AdTech stack that brings modern advertising capabilities to the firearms industry.  Helping firearms brands and retailers drive new revenue and grow ROI while helping publishers maximize eCPM


Who we are

2A Enthusiasts and ad tech professionals who want to help bridge the advertising gap left by big ad companies leaving the space.

Who works with us



Get a sophisticated buying platform open to 1st and 3rd party targeting levers with a robust reporting suite.  Reach your target audiences across a broad firearms publisher network and optimize your media investment in real time to achieve your campaign goals


Full suite of sophisticated targeting levers like retargeting, geotargeting, custom audiences, in-marketness and more


Detailed, real time reporting on all key metrics like impressions, viewability, clicks, conversions, spend, frequency, and more


Make adjustments inflight, real time to optimize your reach and frequency, cost per click, and other business driving metrics


Leverage broad publisher network full of firearms enthusiasts along with custom affinity audiences to expand your customer reach



Get a automated space to move unsold ad inventory at scale to brand-safe, endemic advertisers in the 2A industry

Improve eCPM

Access new, endemic advertisers through programmatic, integrating with your current ad solution to move unsold inventory

Detailed Reporting

Real time access to your opportunities, impressions, viewability, clicks, eCPM, and revenue to optimize monetization

Anti-Fraud Protection

1st and 3rd party anti fraud and anti adblocker protections to ensure value exchange between advertisers and publishers

Cross Device+Format

Dynamically serve ads across mobile, desktop, and tablet with display, native, and video ad inventory

What people are saying about armanet

We've put a lot of effort into ad sales in the last few years and nothing has proven so scalable, so fast

Managing Editor, Firearms Review Blog

We've had success with influencers and affiliates but those can only scale so much.  Armanet gives us a LOT more efficient reach to bring in new customers

Ecomm manager, Online Firearms Retailer

Since Google and Facebook have blocked us from advertising, we've had to rely on old school advertising like billboards and radio.  Local programmatic, optimized for store visits on Armanet has been a huge level step for our marketing performance

Marketing Lead, NJ Gunshop and Range